Traditional Adult Program

Trial Class Available

This program combines the traditional striking of Karate, but has evolved to meet the threats of today, by bringing two systems together.

Students learn passive escapes, pressure-point activations from Traditional Chinese Medicine and joint locks, throws, ground techniques and control tactics from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. Training also includes practical defenses against common weapons and gang-style assaults.

An excellent program for security, police or corrections, it was also designed for civilians who want to be able to "defend" rather than fight. It is well suited to individuals who work in "at risk" occupations, where you are away from support or assistance, such as home-care nursing, real estate sales, group-home staff and mental health workers. If you work alone but deal with the public, you will benefit from this program. Ages 18+

Pressure Point Strikes

       Multi-Person Attacks

        A "ranked" system