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Hi everyone, we hope you are all doing well.


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have done our best to keep you up to date on GMA's classes and provide as much information as possible. GMA follows established news agencies and martial art organizations to provide you with current information and make any required changes.

Currently, Toronto, Peel and Ottawa have been moved from Stage 3 back to Stage 2 because of their daily case numbers. Hamilton, at this time, is not affected by these changes, so our current schedule stays the same. 

We have maintained above-average compliance with sanitization, distancing, entry & exit restrictions and we continue to put our members safety first and foremost. 

If the government imposes any further rules for this area, we will immediately post those rules and make you aware of any organizational changes to GMA's classes. For now, everything stays the same for this area. We ask you to check the GMA Facebook page and the GMA website for future announcements and please share the information with other GMA families.

Any questions should be directed to Sensei Ron. He can be reached: 

- by calling the academy at 905-389-2222,

- by calling his cell at 289-439-0535 or, 

- by emailing him at 

Thank you for your continued support and confidence.

Monday and Wednesday evenings:
5:00- 5:45pm - all white belts 

6:00- 6:45pm - all yellow and orange belts 

7:00- 7:45pm - all green, blue and brown belts

Red belts will continue to be a part of the senior belt class with black belts and your schedules will be emailed to you. 

As we are unaware of how long stage 3 will last, we want to be able to eventually transition classes, back to their original training days and times, prior to Covid. 

Our JKD classes are running on:

Monday 8-9:00pm

Friday 6:45-8:00pm

Our other adult programs are all held on Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:30pm

- Body Blast

- Kickboxing

- Traditional Adult Program (Karate & Canadian Combat Arts)

Please note: 

*Students must wear a mask while entering and leaving the building . 

*The Tuesday/Thursday afternoon classes will no longer take place. Each student is now able to attend BOTH Monday and Wednesday evening classes, at their appropriate time/rank time slot. 

*There will be no more virtual classes at this point.

*Still no spectators allowed for the foreseeable future.

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