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Martial Arts - "What will my child get out of doing martial arts?"

Martial Arts is not a team sport, but it is more than just an individual sport. It teaches respect, focus, dedication and perseverance, confidence and humility. You are the one who must put out the effort, learn from your mistakes and come back, determined not to make the same ones again. You are not in competition with anyone but yourself. There is no "clock" that you have to keep up with, there is no penalty for taking longer than someone else. But you must keep up the effort, the energy, becasue without these, you will not succeed. These traits become even more important in real life. Our black belts are amazing role models and have learned to apply their training and philosophy to face "life" situations. Each of them has accomplished other goals and are unafraid when facing new tasks or challenges. Put your child on the path to success through martial arts.

I think the question should be:
  "What WON'T your child get out of doing martial arts?"

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