Meet Our Instructors

A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. - Bruce Lee

Global is proud to have an exceptional team of instructors, who share a passion for teaching and the life-long learning that martial arts brings. Our instructors continue to train and learn from Masters and Grand Masters, in traditional and non-traditional martial art systems and styles, providing a solid knowledge base for our students.

(Shihan) Sensei Daniel Yeates
President and Chief Instructor
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Sensei Ron Yeates
Renshi Senior Instructor
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Sensei Justin Doherty
Shihan Senior Instructor
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Sifu John Koeshall
Associate Instructor - JKD, Kali, BJJ, Kempo Karate
Founder and Head Instructor - "Thru The Fire" Training Organization (San Clemente, California)

John currently has students in Africa, Asia, Europe, and across North America. Based in California, he has experience working with various local and national law enforcement agencies in the US, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries. From working with airline personnel to Sr. level crisis management teams, John is a expert on travel safety, personal protection, and stress management. John is heavily involved, with various governments, in combating Human-Trafficking. He is also a direct student of Rick Faye, Paul Vunak and Guro Dan Inosanto.

Sensei Russ (Sandan)
Wado Kai Karate Instructor

Sensei Russ is a 3rd Degree Black Belt. In the early 2000's, he walked into the "Y" where Sensei Ron was teaching Karate and began his training. He is a valued instructor for the Karate class, the CCA classes, and our specialty seminars. Sensei Russ took great pride in presenting a Black Belt to his daughter, Kira, at her grading in July 2016.

Sensei Samantha (Nidan)
Wado Kai Karate Instructor

Sensei Samantha, a 2nd Degree Black Belt, began her training under Sensei Ron at the Flamborough YMCA in 2003. She has competed in local, provincial and national tournaments and won over 40 title matches. She is our kata specialist and teaches a 2 hour kata class. Since starting her martial arts journey, she has branched out to learn weapons and practical techniques and katas from several other styles.

Sensei Nelson (Nidan)
Wado Kai Karate Instructor

Sensei Nelson started training in Karate 10 years ago, but joined GMA in 2014 as part of the Wado Kai Karate program. Shortly after, his passion for learning drew him to train in the CCA and Kung Fu programs. Nelson also enjoys training in Kali due to it's simple, yet realistic, self-defense application. 

Sensei Ligaya (Nidan)
Wado Kai Karate Instructor

Sensei Ligaya has been training at GMA since 2006. Ligaya helps with the summer camps and special events and also trains in Kali. She is a provincial wrestling champion and represented Canada at the Pan-Am games in Argentina. She is currently a coach with the McMaster University's Wrestling Team & an instructor in our Women's Self-Protection Program.

Sensei Caitlyn (Nidan)
Wado Kai Karate Instructor

Sensei Caitlyn has been training with GMA since 2007. She is respected for her ability and her teaching skills, and she participates in all the Karate classes, Kali training, Kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do classes. She's  a yellow Sash in "5-Animal Kung Fu" and an instructor in our Women's Self-Protection seminars.

Sensei Meghan (Shodan)
Wado Kai Karate Instructor

Sensei Meghan started with us when she was 10 years old and trains in Karate, Kali, Muay Thai and BJJ. She loves kicking drills and "hitting things."  She is a leader in our summer camps and a trainer in our Women's Self-Protection seminars. An avid reader, Meghan is also a published author and enjoys visual arts.

Sensei James (Shodan)
Wado Kai Karate Instructor

Sensei James started to train in Wado Kai Karate at age 12. He's is a fierce competitor and loves sparring. He has competed at the national and international levels, earning a bronze medal at the 2017 and 2015 World Karate and Kickboxing Championships held in Orlando, Florida. He has trained in self-defense, kata, and sparring and continues to add to his martial arts skills by training in Kali.

Sifu Samantha (1st degree)
Kung Fu Instructor

Sifu Samantha holds a 1st degree black sash and has over 14 years experience in Southern Shaolin Five Animal Kung Fu. She has had the opportunity to compete at various levels and participate in lion dance performances. Sifu Samantha pushes her students to grow through through training in multiple arts. She joined the GMA family in 2015 and loves to share knowledge of Chinese culture and martial arts. She is also a blue belt in the CCA classes and an instructor in our Women's Self -Protection Program.

Chris Di Sabatino
Kickboxing Instructor

Chris Di Sabatino is the head instructor for the kickboxing program. At the age of six, he started to train in Wado Kai karate. After years of competition, he transitioned to kickboxing, & fell in love with the sport.  Years of practice and competition gave Chris the knowledge and understanding of the mental and physical aspects of kickboxing, which he now brings to each class. Chris believes in tailoring the kickboxing class for the individual practitioner. This allows people of any age or experience level to develop their skill in a strong and healthy way.

Joel Harsevoort
JKD Apprentice, Level 1

Joel started his training in Wing Chun but quickly transitioned to Jeet Kune Do over 10 years ago. He thinks patience, sensitivity, and awareness are fundamental and critical to any type of self-defence training. Joel enjoys performing music, playing games, and spending time with his three daughters.

Al Guerra
JKD Apprentice, Level 1

Al Guerra has been a member of GMA since 2011. Al is an apprentice instructor in Jeet June Do and has been cross-training in kickboxing since 2014. He and his family attend a variety of classes at GMA and he believes the skills learned at GMA are valuable in all aspects of life. 

Eddie Mule
JKD Apprentice, Level 1

Eddie joined GMA in 2011. Originally enrolling as a kickboxer, he soon began cross-training in Jeet June Do. As a JKD instructor, Eddie enjoys a challenging workout and is always ready to share his knowledge with all students.