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Filipino Martial Arts-Jeet Kune Do


Global Martial Arts Academy is proud to be among a handful of schools that are certified to teach the science of Jeet Kune Do, including the Filipino Martial Arts, in Canada. Certified under John Koeshall, creator of the Thru The Fire Training Organization, we are associated to certified instructors in many U.S. states, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Austria and Germany.


Jeet Kune Do was developed by the late Bruce Lee in 1967. Since then, the system has been embraced by martial artists and enthusiasts around the world, for its effectiveness and immediate adaptability. 


Our instructors trained directly under legendary instructors who are members of the Black Belt Hall of Fame. The instructors at Global are part of a very small, select group who have attained the necessary requirements to teach these systems. In this class, students learn Filipino Kali, knife combat, trapping, energy drills, striking, destructions, body manipulation, grappling, and train in single and mass attack scenarios.


With that said, no combat training will be any good unless the individual has the physical attributes to put their knowledge to use, under stress. Functional training is critical and because of this, there is an EXTREME conditioning component that has been systematically incorporated into every class, to ensure that our members have the tools they need to survive a lethal situation, should they ever face it. This class includes males and females and is perfect for anyone looking to get into the best shape of their life, while learning a reality-based combat system that will SAVE their life

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