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Wado Kai Karate

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Originally named Wado Ryu by the creator of the system, Grand Master Hironori Otsuka (1892 - 1982), the name changed after his death. Our instructors include 3rd and 4th generation instructors, with a direct line to Canadian Supreme Instructor Masaru Shintani (1927 - 2000).


Although Wado Kai is a "striking" art, half of the curriculum is based on Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. Students are taught throws, take-downs, ground techniques and joint-controls, which allow our students to more options when defending themselves against an unprovoked attack.


We believe in reality training and "bullying" is discussed regularly. Our students and parents are made aware of their legal right to defend themselves under Canadian legislation. 


Our program is excellent for building character, increasing focus and enforcing discipline. We believe we are not just teaching a physical skill, but we are building social skills and maturity, that will benefit the student in every aspect of their life. The skills developed at GMA will provide a strong base, built on confidence, communication and understanding, and will provide support to the student as they grow in both martial arts and life.