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Specialty Training that we offer!

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There are a number of "specialty" training options that Global can facilitate.



GMA offers private one-on-one training, in any of the martial arts we teach and we are also fitness instructors and personal trainers. Whether you want to learn self-defence, control weight or tone up completely, we can help. Our private training is also excellent for shift-workers who are unable to attend regular group classes. Speak to us about putting a specific program together for you.



The training is provided by a retired police officer, (Police Defensive Tactics Instructor and Police Foundations Instructor) and can be done by group, one-on-one or in partner drills. We have been training Police Foundation students since 2008. Training includes room searches, edged weapon defenses, Subject Control and Dealing with Hostile Subjects. We are P.P.C.T. (Pressure Point & Control Tactics) and G.A.G.E. (Ground Avoidance, Ground Escapes) certified. Train with people who have real-life experience and are able to prepare you for a career in any type of security or law enforcement.

W.I.S.E. (Women In a Safe Environment)

This is a Women's Self-Protection program which is taught in 3-4 hour seminars, We encourage women to put together a group of friends or colleagues who want to feel more secure about their own protection. We also specialize in providing training to  "at-risk" occupations such as private nursing, real estate (open house) staff, teachers, group-home staff, or any occupation that puts you in an uncomfortable or unpredictable environment, with little or no immediate support. The government's Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training does nothing to address the reality of a violent confrontation and puts the safety of the offender first, instead of assuring the safety of the employee. Call us for information.


We also offer dry-land training for individual competitors and sports teams. The emphasis here is to improve the athletic aspects that are required for your particular event, sport or position. Coaches are now having registration at the end of the current season instead of the start of the new season. This allows them to bring all their players here for extreme workouts, designed to identify the talents and weaknesses of the players to ensure a strong line-up for the start of the next season. Why wait until the first game to see what your players can put out? Find out early through our training programs. 

            W.I.S.E. Seminar

 "Low-Light" Kali training

     Jeet Kune Do Seminar

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